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About MEME / SSI Registration

      MSME Registration refer to small and medium business enterprise. From the Sept 2015 government simplified the MSME Registration by filings of the online application with the documents. MSME Department are authorised to prepare the guide license for the small business and provide them subsidy or loan like pradham mudra bank loan etc.

According to the Act, MSME have been broadly classified in two categories:

  1. Enterprises engaged in the manufacturing and production of goods pertaining to any industry.
  2. Enterprises engaged in providing or rendering services.
Sr. No.
Enterprises Manufacturing Sector Servicing Sector
Micro Enterprises Till Rs. 25 Lakh Till Rs. 10 Lakh
Small Enterprises Rs. 25 Lakh To Rs. 5 Crore Rs. 10 Lakh To Rs. 2 Crore
Medium Enterprises Rs. 5 Crore To Rs. 10 Crore Rs. 2 Crore To Rs. 5 Crore

Benefits under MSME Registration

Easy Bank Loans :

                                 All the business which are registered under the MSME can avail the benefits regarding the bank loans.

Easy to open business bank account or any other license registration :
                                 MSME Registration Certificate treat as legal entity proof of the business so you can easily open a current bank account.

Participate in the International Trade Fair  :
                                 Govts provide benefits to participate and special consideration in the international and national trade fairs which is organised by the MSME Department.

Octroi Benefits under MSME  :
                                  In this scheme govt provides the refund of the octroi which is imposed on the goods and services.

Stamp Duty and Registration Charges Waived off  :
                                Previously all the enterprise which are expand their business in the IT Park or SEZ they avail the benefits under the Stamp Act but now all the small enterprise also can avail these benefits.

Exemption under the Income Tax as Direct tax :
                             All the small business which are doing some really innovative or towards the society improvement then they can take the benefits of the income tax in the initial years.

Get Reimbursement under the Bar Code Registration :
                                  Under this scheme you are eligible for the subsidy under the bar code registration.

Industrial Promotion Subsidy  :
                                  Under this scheme govt wants to promote the small enterprise so they provide benefits regarding industrial promotion in terms of subsidy.

Protection in the Delay  :
                                 Payments from Buyers - This is most common problem for the small business. Buyers are always delay in the payments to the small business but under this scheme all the enterprise are protected and can file case against the buyer & settlement of the dispute in the minimum time.

Reduction in rate of the Interest by the major banks  :
                                  Under this scheme all the major banks have some policy regarding the banks loan for the MSME which are following :
1. 40% of the total advances must go to micro and small enterprises involved which are in manufacturing having investment in plant and machinery up to Rs.10 lakh and for service enterprises having investment in equipment up to Rs.4 lakh.
2. 20% of the total advance to micro and small enterprises should go to manufacturing enterprises that have above Rs.10 lakh till Rs.25 lakh investment in the plant and machinery and for service enterprises that have investments in equipment above Rs.4
3. To simplify, 60% of the advances must go to micro enterprises.

Get Capital Subsidy  :
                                  Under this scheme all the enterprise got the 15% capital subsidy so they can purchase the plan and machinery for the same.

Security Deposit Waived off  :
                                  Small Enterprise have very small amount of the working capital to run their business but in the some registration they have to deposit the security money so under this scheme its has been waived off for the msme registration enterprises.

Concession in the Electricity Bills  :
                                  All the small enterprise which have MSME Udyog aadhar Certificate can avail the concession in the electricity bills in the particular areas.

Preference in the Government Tenders  :
                                  MSME certified enterprise are prefered in the government tenders during the bid.

Got the Subsidy on the Patent Registration  :
                                  Under this scheme you got the 50% waived off in the patent government registration fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. HUF
  2. Company
  3. Proprietorship
  4. Partnership firm
  5. Other Undertaking
  6. Co-Operative Society

After filing online msme application form, MSME Registration Certificate will be issued immediately at email.

    There is no difference between MSME Registration and SSI Registration.

     Only information provided in Online Application Form is enough. No document required for MSME Registration / SSI Registration.

     Any entrepreneur having valid Aadhaar Number can apply for MSME Registration

In the interest of environment no physical copy of MSME Certificate will be issued.

    Yes, however, only one MSME registration shall be issued for each enterprise.

    A Medium enterprise engaged in the manufacture or production of goods pertaining to any industry specified under schedule 1 of IDR Act, 1951 has to compulsorily register under the MSME Act. For other Enterprises the registration is discretionary. Registration is for running units and not needed for upcoming units.

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